Permanent CO₂ removal!

Permanent CO₂ removal!

Leadership team in Oman's mountains

Bringing DAC and an emissions solution

44.01, an Omani start-up focused on negative emissions, formed in the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, has announced their plans to build a new Direct Air Capture (DAC) Plant in Oman, solely powered by renewable energy.

The construction of the new plant, based in Khazaen Economic City in Barka, Oman, has commenced and is expected to be up and running by the end of this year. Using the latest DAC technology, the plant will pull CO2 directly from the air, reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. 

The captured CO2 can then be used for various other processes such as food & beverages, and the chemicals industry. 

Talal Hasan, 44.01 Co-Founder and CEO said “The launch of our Direct Air Capture plant is a major step forward for the region and we are delighted to be announcing our plans today for such an exciting new project”.

44.01 was started by a team of passionate environmentalists who all share a common goal, to fight climate change.

Talal continued, “The GCC countries have some of the highest CO2 emissions per capita in the world. Capturing some of these emissions is an essential step towards reducing harmful greenhouse gasses and achieving carbon neutrality”.

With only a handful of Direct Air Capture plants in operation worldwide, this is a very interesting time for the future of the GCC and its commitment to healing the planet.  44.01 has global ambitions and is already in discussions to launch operations in the UAE.  

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