We Eliminate CO2

We provide a safe, cost-effective way of eliminating CO2 from the atmosphere.


Carbon mineralisation in peridotite is happening all the time – we simply speed up the natural process.

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No need for high pressure underground storage, no risk of leaks once mineralisation has occurred.

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Trillions of tons of peridotite across America, Europe, Asia and Australasia.



Limited requirement for expensive monitoring or insurance once mineralisation has taken place; CAPEX costs comparable to non-permanent storage.



Mineralisation takes place in under 12 months.

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Mineralisation eliminates CO2 forever.

“We started 44.01 because of our deep concern for the state of our planet. Removing carbon from the atmosphere is imperative if we are to avoid the most disastrous effects of climate change. Once captured, this CO2 has to be stored, or ideally eliminated. 44.01 does this by mineralising CO2 in peridotite, removing it from the atmosphere forever – safely, quickly and cost-effectively.”
Talal Hasan
Founder 44.01

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44.01 commences injection at UAE’s first mineralisation project

Injection commences at site in Fujairah, UAE First peridotite mineralisation project to use seawater Initial 10 tonne injection with scope to scale up 44.01 has ...
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