Turning CO2 into ROCK!
Turning CO2 into ROCK!

Project Oman

The power of Peridotite

Unlocking a land with unbounded mineral storage

Peridotite is a type of rock typically found 40kms underground. It reacts with CO2 to form naturally occurring minerals, a process which removes CO2 permanently from the air. Luckily, there are a few places in the world where peridotite is right on the surface. Oman is one of those hence it's the location for our first mineralisation site.

In a prime position to
help tackle climate change

Oman map
Strategic location
Favorable business environment
Abundant minerals
Extensive capacity
Naturally occuring process
No side effects to the environment
One billion tonnes. This is how much CO2 we aim to remove by 2040.​
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