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Talal Hasan

Carbon General  

A fighter of climate change on every level, from his plant based diet to the electric car he drives. He believes that everyone can make a difference. When he’s not advocating for the planet you might find him in the Gulf of Oman free diving or clearing tonnes of ghost nets.

Karan Khimji

Commercial Lieutenant  

He’s fearless. Whether it’s jumping out of a plane, or tackling climate change, our laser focused Commercial Lieutenant is up for the challenge. His supportive yet detail oriented style keeps the team on their toes and reaching new heights, quite literally.

Ehab Tasfai
Engineering Commander 

A leader with determination and soul. Under his stewardship, the engineering team consistently break new ground and push the boundaries to pioneer new technologies. He’s a true role model whose calculated approach ensures the team excels while under pressure.

Laura Hill
People Officer 

With a passion for the environment and bringing out the best in people, Laura strategises to ensure our team has flair. When she’s not coaching our leaders, she’s making plans to keep the group motivated and inspired.

Sharon Sugden
Environmental Officer

At home among nature or cycling the world’s mountains, this biologist simply adores the outdoors. Her passion for preserving our environment for future generations to enjoy trumps all and she perseveres to find solutions which work to solve the world’s big problems like climate change.

Juerg Matter
Scientific Committee

A professor who’s at home on the slopes but in his element among rocks where he’s pioneering novel methods for removing CO2 through mineral carbonation. His passion for the planet, how it evolved, and how it can help us today, keeps him exploring the subsurface and making advances to help find answers to the world’s big questions.
Female Engineer Petrology

Elham Kolahchian
Reservoir Officer

Elham is committing her petrophysics, well construction and reservoir engineering experience to help fight climate change. She is an expert in reservoir characterization and ensures we are optimized to maximize mineralization of CO2.

Peter Kelemen
Scientific Committee 

He’s a chief of chiefs with his experience spanning from the oceanic crust to Mars. When he’s not focused on the geologic storage of CO2 and its mineralisation in peridotite he’s teaching the world’s brightest minds CO2 management, petrology, geochemistry, and geodynamics.

Sulaiman Almani Engineering Officer

After a long day rocking as an engineer, you may find him in the darkness photographing the stars. Sulaiman is a deep thinker with an appreciation for the awe inspiring beauty of our universe. His scientific flair and collaborative prowess help bring our multifaceted plans to life.

Tariq Mohammed
Operations Engineer

Enhancing processes and production is all in a days work for our operations marvel TQ. He’s dedicated to using innovative engineering to rescue our planet. When he’s not firing up progress in the field you may find him zooming across Oman’s desert sands.

Amal Ibrahim 
Engineering Captain 

Whether she’s doing the heavy lifting in the desert, or analysing complicated data, Amal’s drive and passion is contagious. She’s always ready with a clever way to fire up any task and might even have a few spicy chillies up her sleeve to surprise you.

Khalid Al Huraibi
Strategic Advisor

What do you get when you cross culture, insights and tech? A maestro of networks who engages to forge alliances which make a difference. When he’s not crafting stories or inspiring with his infectious optimism, he’s running to chase the sunrise.

Aiman Albalushi 
Executive Administator

When you’re in a fix, you can depend on Aiman to provide you with solutions that work. When he’s not negotiating a great deal or saving the day he keeps our operation running smoothly and on track.


Sena Dorvlo 
Carbon Officer

Sena is a suave engineer who likes to shake it up, whether its motivating the team onsite or being quick on his feet dancing kizomba. He enjoys being at one with nature and feels particularly at home diving among whale sharks in the Gulf of Oman.

Muaadh Al-Madhani
Renewables Captain

He’s an inventive techie who’s passionate about machines and can draw up anything you can dream up. His mastery is in renewable energy and whether he’s out on location or in the office he’s busy innovating new ways to help us work more sustainably.

Moeez Ilyas

Engineering Cadet

He might seem mysterious but Moeez is a technical whiz and skilled mechanical designer with an eye for detail. His competitive streak comes out on the cricket pitch proving that it’s the quiet ones who you need to watch out for!

Ammar Jamie Ahmed Carbon Consultant 

He’s a fanatic, especially when it comes to football; but when he’s not strategising on the pitch he’s working hard to help save the world. He assists our team with putting their game changing ideas down on paper and protects those ideas so we can accelerate our mission for cleaner planet.