Turning CO2 into ROCK!
Turning CO2 into ROCK!

Our story

We're facing the most formidable challenge of our lifetime

The climate crisis affects us all and requires urgent and immediate action. If we want our children to enjoy and appreciate our world we need to act now. At 44.01 we’re motivated to make significant changes that will positively benefit our planet for generations to come. Our global team are working around the clock to help our planet turn back time and put emissions back where they belong. Underground.

The journey to decarbonise the world

July 2020
July 2020, the date of our incorporation and the official beginning of our journey in turning CO2 into rock.
November 2020
Receiving our permit from the Ministry to start injection. We are official!
January 2021
Breaking ground the biofuel plant of our partners WAKUD. Our process is powered by clean fuels, with solar power by day and Biofuel to power our sites at night.
February 2021
Our first offices in Oman, where our team collaborate to save the planet for future generations.
May 2021
Drilling our pilot injection site. Peridotite here we come.
May 2021
Seed Round of funding closes and we are underway with our mission to help the world in fighting climate change!
August 2021
Wakud is ready! Our operation takes off powered by clean fuels with Wakud providing Biofuel which our operation uses at night.
October 2021
With our Bio fuels plant now complete our output can be scaled up.
November 2021
Partners begin to join us in our mission as we expand.
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