Turning CO2 into ROCK!
Turning CO2 into ROCK!

Calling great minds

To unleash big ideas

Are you a problem solver who loves a challenge?
We have bold ambitions to help the world to decarbonise. To get there, we’ll need great minds ready to unleash big ideas, strong leaders ready to inspire and team players ready to make it happen. Does this sound like you? ​Apply using the form below.

Could you
be our next...

Are you a skilled engineer who dreams of using math and science to change the world. Join our engineering team in developing products and technologies to improve our planet, provide maintenance and enhance our efficiencies.

Calling all geologists driven to use their knowledge of our earth’s natural processes to positively impact the planet. You will feel right at home among our team who are crazy about rocks! 

You’ll have an eye for engaging content, and know the difference between a reel, a story, and a sponsored ad. You love knowing about all the latest trends and how they can be adapted to suit a business, and you’re an expert at social scheduling and online networking. Sounds like you?

We’re calling the next generation of clean tech pioneers to learn what goes on behind the scenes as we help the world to decarbonise.

Our internship program will allow you to work with our team in developing products and technologies which enhance our efficiencies and work to safeguard our planet. 

Applications have now closed for January but get in touch to find out when our next round of internships will open. 

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